Awareness Program in Wadduwa

One of our earlier projects was an awareness program in Wadduwa-located in the western provnce of Sri Lanka, for the children whoe mothers are engaged in such employment, as well as other adults livng in the area.

Awareness Programme in Avissawella - 2020

Concrete Angels visited a children's home in Avissawella to conduct a program on sexual abuse awareness.
However, given the sensitivity of the topic, we came up with a series of activities through which we could easily get the children's attention and teach them and address them.

Concrete Angels Sri Lanka

Awareness Programme in Moratuwa - 2020

Often, little children of ages 3-5 are prone to child sexual abuse as they have no understanding about such incidents. In fact, 56% of children who are subject to child pornography are under 4 years.
Since these little angels spend much time in school, Concrete Angels conducted a program for pre school teachers, in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Moratuwa. The teachers were taught how to teach these little kids about "good touch" and "bad touch", body privacy and even the course of action in the event they identify a victim of such abuse.

Concrete Angels Sri Lanka

Awareness Program in Moratuwa Coast - 2020

Concrete Angels at an awareness program for children living in the slums of Moratuwa. Since these little children live in coastal areas, they are easy targets for child sex tourism. In fact, According to Prof. Harendra Silva, a foreign magazine has cited Sri Lanka as a place to find child sex workers.

Concrete Angles Sri Lanka

UNICEF - 2020

Visited UNICEF of Sri Lanka for a compendious discussion on UNICEF's role in the formulation of child sexual abuse prevention-related policy, assisting the state and state authorities of Sri Lanka (NCPA), along with the assistance granted to organizations involved in the prevention of child sexual abuse.

Concrete Angles Sri Lanka

Awareness Program for parents - 2020

Concrete Angles conducted an awareness program for parents at MJF Centre in Moratuwa, in collaboration with Rotary Club of Moratuwa.

Concrete Angles Sri Lanka

Fund Raising Project - 2020

Volunteers at work! Wrapped up our clothing for a cause project!! The boxes were full, so were our hearts! We managed to collect over 500 pieces.

Concrete Angles Sri Lanka

Focus Group Discussion - 2020

Focus Group Discussion on comprehensive sexualty education and the national health curriculum with the grass rooted trust.