About us

We at concrete angels are a group of like-minded and determined girls between the ages of 18-22 who strive to minimize the very prevalent and persistent issue of Child Sexual Abuse in Srilanka. Our organization was founded in October 2014 with the purpose of building a country which is a safe haven free from child abuse for all children regardless of their race, religion and social/economic conditions.

The members of concrete angels work as volunteers by gifting our time, knowledge, expertise and experiences in assisting children. We have been implementing many activities in the sphere of preventing child sexual abuse to various groups that vary both socially as well as geographically. While we do not hesitate to admit that sexual abuse can unfortunately take place at any age, we do focus on serving children in the age group of 4-18 years as we believe that ill effects of abuse at this age can stunt a child’s development in all aspects while also forcing them to carry the trauma into adulthood if it is not addressed appropriately.

In addition to child sexual abuse derailing the wellbeing of the child to whom it was committed, these heinous acts also hinder the development of our country and because of this the members of our organization take on the role of confronting these issues while also encouraging other youth who are the future of Srilanka to address such matters in order to minimize the detrimental effect it could have in the future years. Even though we are a small network of individuals we are determined to ensure that our fruits of labor will materialize in the years or even the decades to come and we fervently hope our efforts will contribute to shaping the growth of Srilanka and its people.